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“Moving away from your home to chase your dream is seriously intense, especially when people think you’re crazy for going after something so overwhelmingly difficult. That’s why I named the band Fools For Rowan,” says lead singer Erin Mullins, of her move from South Dakota to Nashville, TN to start a rock band. “My mom Robyn and grandpa Darwin were two of my biggest encouragers, always telling me I ‘could do anything’ and ‘to go for it’…so I took their names and combined them to come up with ‘Rowan.’ The name of the band will always hold a special place in my heart because of its true meaning.”
Through friends, Erin put together the original members of FFR in late 2009 and the band released their first album, “Twisted. Tied Up. Tangled.” They started out playing wherever they could get booked, sometimes performing in front of very small crowds. “One time, in New Orleans, we literally played for a crowd of 2. A mom and daughter had driven over from Mississippi to see us,” says Mullins. “It could have really crushed our spirits, but ultimately, those two new fans became two of our biggest friends and supporters and taught us that no crowd is too small. That show is actually where our saying ’10 OR 10,000’ came from…meaning whether 10 or 10,000 people show up, we’re going to give everyone the same show with all our energy and leave it all out there on the stage.”
Over time, FFR built a fanbase and were fortunate enough to open a huge show at Summerfest in Milwaukee for Halestorm, Sick Puppies and Adelitas Way on July 4, 2010. From there, the band has performed with more hugely successful artists like Evanescence, Skillet, Gin Blossoms, Trapt, Candlebox, Neon Trees and many more…touring from coast to coast.
As FFR was opening a sold-out show with Evanescence in August of 2011, they were losing original bass guitarist Aaron Elliott, who had just gotten married and decided to stay home and devote more time to his family. “We were celebrating this huge event…performing with one of our rock idols…yet mourning the loss of one of our brothers. It was a bittersweet night.” Erin continues, “But we were a family and so we just banded together and found another bass player in time to start our college tour. We miss Aaron a lot…but we’re so thankful we found Gib. He is a blessing to our band.”
Soon after, Fools For Rowan was chosen to Music Connection Magazine’s ‘Hot 100 Live Unsigned’ bands…and just recently released their 2nd album, “Who Killed Amanda Day?”, featuring the single and video to “Killed A Man Today.” Music from this new release will soon be featured in many American tv shows, including MTV’s “The Real World” and “Teen Wolf”…the E! network’s 3 Kardashian spinoffs, including the original “Keeping Up With The Kardashians”…and used in broadcasts on Fox Sports, which could include college and NFL football, the World Series and The Super Bowl.
Fools For Rowan is lead singer Erin Mullins from South Dakota and Arkansas, lead guitarist Rachel Brandsness from Oregon, drummer Jordan Cullen from Kentucky, and guitarist and vocalist Ryan Nanney and bass guitarist Andrew “Gib” Williams, both from Tennessee.

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